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    Personalized Jewelry

    • Personalized Jewelry.  About 1/3rd of my line can be personalized.  You can choose charms, engraving, and crystals.  There are fill in boxes and details within those listings for personalizing your items.  Please see my section here for more personalized jewelry
    • 24 hours after your order is placed your jewelry will go into production, at that time I am unable to make any changes to your order.  Such as changing charms, quotes, crystals, or engraving.
    • I can't do customers designs or 'custom designs' including redesigns of our 'as is' jewelry, such as, changing crystal colors, images and/or combining different bracelets.  This all falls under custom work.   
    • If you have any questions about personalizing your jewelry, I am here to help, please contact me at:  Dea@blackberrydesignsjewelry.com    
    • Excluded from personalized designs are customers patterns and or layouts of charms. I have been designing jewelry since the 1970's when I first did it for people from the movie studios.  I will create your jewelry for function, artistic aesthetics, and color. 
    • Due to the Complexity of creating personalized jewelry they are non-returnable.  Any issues with personalized items I am happy to resolve for you.
    • Photo Jewelry, Please be sure to include a high resolution, 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels or larger, uncropped photo.  Our artists need room to crop your photo and give you top quality jewelry.  The jewelry will only be as beautiful if you send us quality photos.
    • If I have questions about your order I will email you twice, if I do not hear back within 3 working days I will cancel and give you a full refund.  You may re-order providing the corrected information.