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    Personalized Jewelry

    • Our artists love bringing you one of a kind pieces created with your selection of charms.
    • If you have any questions about personalizing your jewelry, we are here to help, please contact us at:    
    • Our artists cannot change colors, add charms or include additional customization to existing 'as is' designs.
    • Excluded from personalized designs are custom patterns/ layouts of charms. Our artists each have 20 years or more experience in jewelry design and will create your jewelry for function, artistic aesthetics, and color. 
    • Due to the Complexity of creating personalized jewelry they are non-returnable.  Any issues with personalized items our artists are happy to resolve for you.
    • If we have questions about your order we will email you twice, if we do not hear back within 3 working days we will cancel and give you a full refund.  You may re-order providing the corrected information.