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    She could remember a time when life was simpler, when her dresses were made of peach and blue flour sacks, sweet blackberries grew in the mountain meadows, as she waited each spring for the purple pansies and yellow roses to bloom in the old tin bathing tubs that stood next to the front porch. Every time you wear Blackberry Designs Jewelry our wish is for you to visit those simpler times, filling your life with color, laughter and family.

    Our artist and designer, Dea Shelton, grew up in the Appalachia mountains of Georgia.  Raised by a Quaker Grandmother and Great-Grandmother who were both master quilt makers and seamstress, they created art in the most amazing colors.  Her childhood was spent surrounded by these strong creative women and she learned that these colorful designs brought great joy to people around her.

    As an adult her southern roots held strong to family and traditions of that gentler time and she was fearless in her art journey with exploration of color and becoming a master integrative artist.  Her father passed away suddenly several years ago, and before his passing he told her to leave corporate America to more fully explore her art.  His last words to her on a stormy night in October were "you are a star and you will shine the brightest", he passed away the following day.  To honor her father she created a vintage memorial bracelet in the most amazing colors of the rainbow, with the charms he collected for her as he traveled on business.  Friends, Family and neighbors praised her colorful vintage bracelet and jewelry became her artistic passion.  A passion to bring joy to others through, colorful, nostalgic and personalized jewelry.

    From the cabbage rose in her Vintage Alice in Wonderland Design, to the long stem rose in Beauty and the Beast, her jewelry paints stories through color, images, charms and design.  Her jewelry is steeped in her beloved mountain life with quality at the heart of her creations.

    Let her creations take you back to a nostalgic time when life was gentler, words were kinder and laughter was easy.  Visit our jewelry with a trip down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland, or sit with Dea's Grandmother on her front porch listening to the song of the whippoorwills as she hand stitches a quilt, travel by train to Scotland of the 1940's with vintage posters and find your rainbow or Pot of Gold.  

    Authentic Artisan Jewelry Handcrafted in America.  Our jewelry will never ever turn color or tarnish, which allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty.  Our collections are sure to bring a smile to your face and laughter in your heart as you are whisked away to a special place of color, laughter, and joy.  

    "A Life filled without color is half a life"  ~ Mattie Finley, Great Grandmother

    Blackberry Designs Jewelry
    Masterfully Crafted * Magically Charming®