Fifties Charm Bracelet, Rock in Roll Jewelry

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  • Fifties Charm Bracelet, Rock in Roll Jewelry
  • Fifties Charm Bracelet, Rock in Roll Jewelry

Pop culture of the 1950's saw the beginning of Rock n' Roll, sock hops, poodle skirts, and hanging out at the local soda fountain with friends. This fun bracelet brings the 1950's to life, with images from vintage advertising of that era, and the colors of the fab fifties, teal and pink. My mom grew up in the 50's and loved it! Mom, this one's for you.

This wonderful Fabulous Fifties Charm Bracelet includes:

* 5 vintage images under clear magnifying cabochons. 1950's waitress at the Malt Shop, couple dancing to jukebox rock 'n roll in a poodle skirt and saddle shoes, young girl talking on a 1950's telephone, teenagers sharing a malt at the soda fountain, and a 1950's vinyl record. These images are then cured to resin under glass and set into a crown bezel. 

* 11 Charms of Diary, chocolate malt, saddle shoe, retro TV, vinyl record, 1950's eye glasses, jukebox, couple, diner, roller skate, retro telephone.

* 2 Hand stamped charms, "1950's", "Rock N' Roll"

* 6 Teal and pink Swarvoski elements which are hand wire wrapped.

* 6 Swarvoski elements chatons in sparkling teal and pink.

* Your charm bracelet chain and findings are a beautiful, durable, diamond cut 316 L stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a beautiful alternative to sterling silver, affordable, will never tarnish, and lasts a lifetime.

* As always, I test each design for wear ability and comfort.

* Gift boxed and wrapped

* Pictures can be deceptive but this light weight charm bracelet weighs less than 3 ounces