Personalized Engraved Charms

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  • Personalized Engraved Charms
  • Personalized Engraved Charms

So many customers want their own personalized handstamped charm. These beautiful 316L stainless steel charms can be personalized with your own words, dates, monogram, or names. There is no double side on these charms. This is just for the charm and jumprings only and I will add this to your jewelry. Please note the amount of characters that will fit on each piece, spaces are included.

A - 10 characters per line, 2 lines max
B - 12 characters per line , 2 lines max
C - 10 characters per line, 3 lines max
D - 6 characters per line, 2 lines max
E - 6 characters per line, 3 lines max
F - 12 characters per line, 3 lines max
G - 1 single monogram initial
H - 3 characters
I - 7 characters per line, 5 lines max
J - 3 characters
K - 8 characters per line, 1 line max

* As a metalsmith that worked exclusively in sterling silver for years, my wirewrap is turned properly, jumpings are closed flush, and all my findings, chain, and charms are patina to match the other components of your beautfiul bracelets, necklaces and jewelry.
* As always, I test each design for wearability and comfort.
*Gift boxed and wrapped