Key Charm Necklace - Key to the Haunted House

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  • Key Charm Necklace - Key to the Haunted House
  • Key Charm Necklace - Key to the Haunted House

This is the fourth in my Key Series, "The Key to the Haunted House". It's All Hallow's Eve and the spooky old mansion on the hilltop just screams for a visit, and you have the key to enter, so enter if you dare!

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*Created with: *316L Stainless Steel, *Sterling Silver, *USA Cast Pewter, *Swarovski Crystals *No plated materials, *No Tibetan charms or materials *Will never turn color. *Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

The Key to the Haunted House

*Vintage image of a real haunted house "The Corvin Castle" in Transylvania, which has been set into a beautiful stainless steel lock frame. The back of the lock says "Corvin Castle, Translyvania".
* Stainless Steel Antique Key with the look of a vintage latch key, includes fine filigree scroll work at the top and a key design towards the bottom. This 3 inch key and charms hang from a 1" stainless steel ring, which I have hand stamped "Key to the Haunted House."
* 4 charms of a Haunted House, Ghost, Candelabra, and Black Cat.
* 1 Hand stamped charm in 316L stainless steel, this example says: "Things that Go Bump in the Night".
* 1 Stainless steel letter B, with "Boo" hand stamped on it.
* 2 Swarovski crystals in a 316L stainless steel setting, one is Fire Opal Orange, and Jet Black.
* As always, I test each design for wear ability and comfort. 
* Gift boxed and wrapped

* Pictures can be deceptive but this light weight charm bracelet weighs less than 3 ounces