Feather Bracelet, Boho Jewelry

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  • Feather Bracelet, Boho Jewelry
  • Feather Bracelet, Boho Jewelry

What a great gift for someone who loves feathers jewelry and their symbolic meanings. This silver feather bracelet is created with a watercolor images which has the word spirit transposed on top and then set into a 316L stainless frame. It includes a totem spirit pole, Indian feather, hand stamped charm with the word Totem and a radiant Swarovski crystal. This piece was inspired by my Louisiana grandmother who was Seminole Indian.

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*Created with: *316L Stainless Steel, *Sterling Silver, *USA Cast Pewter, *Swarovski Crystals *No plated materials, *No Tibetan charms or materials *Will never turn color.

This Indie and Totem spirit bracelet is created with.
* 1 - 316L stainless setting with a graphic under glass that says spirit with a watercolor feather. This charm is 3/4" round.
* 2 silver charms of feather and totem pole.
* 1 - 316L stainless Hand stamped charm with the word totem.
* 1 Swarovski crystal in clear moonlight set into a 316L stainless steel setting.
* 6 Swarovski crystals in a trinity connector 316L stainless steel setting.
* Your charm bracelet chain is a beautiful, durable, diamond cut 316L stainless steel, the highest jewelry quality, and comes in a variety of sizes". I custom size at no additional cost. You bracelet comes with a beautiful filigree toggle in 316L stainless stee.
* As always, I test each design for wear ability and comfort.
* Gift boxed and wrapped