New York City Charm Bracelet

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  • New York City Charm Bracelet

A beautiful New York City charm bracelet with vintage images of the 1930's. A great gift for someone that loves or has visited New York City. I love New York.

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*Created with: *316L Stainless Steel, *Sterling Silver, *USA Cast Pewter, *Swarovski Crystals *No plated materials, *No Tibetan charms or materials *Will never turn color.

This beautiful stainless steel double chain silver charm bracelet, "New York, New York", complete with Toggle Clasp and three charms, subway token, and big apple, handstamped charm with "New York, New York", and 7 Swarovski crystals in topaz.

This wonderful charm bracelet includes the following:

* 1 Vintage image of a three ladies walking down Broadway, c. 1930 which has been cured with resin, and set into a crown 925 sterling silver bezel.
* 2 silver charms of a Big Apple and subway token.
* 1 Hand stamped charm in a stainless steel "New York, New York", this can be personalized with your choice of name.
* 6 Topaz Swarovski crystal chatons in a stainless steel setting.
* 1 Topaz charm in a floral 316L stainless steel setting. * As always, I test each design for wear ability and comfort. 
* Gift boxed and wrapped
* Pictures can be deceptive but this light weight charm bracelet weighs less than 2 ounces
* Your charm bracelet chain is a beautiful, durable, diamond cut 316L stainless steel, the highest jewelry quality.