Mother Goose Charm Bracelet, Nursery Rhymes

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  • mother goose vintage images bracelet
  • mother goose, nursery rhyme charm bracelet
  • Mother Goose Charm Bracelet, Nursery Rhymes
  • Mother Goose Charm Bracelet, Nursery Rhymes
  • Mother Goose Charm Bracelet, Nursery Rhymes

What was your favorite Nursery Rhyme from childhood? Turn back the clock with this lovely bracelet, which includes over 20 Nursery Rhyme themes. Shop now for this beautiful bracelet and more, Children's Nursery Rhymes - Mother Goose - Charm Bracelet - Nursery Rhyme Jewelry - Storybook Jewelry in my store.

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  • Materials: Stainless steel and Sterling silver
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Bracelet Length: Adjustable 6 1/2" to 8 1/2"
  • Custom sizing available
  • Charm size: under 1 inch

Created with: 316L Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, USA Cast Pewter, Swarovski Crystals, No plated materials, No Tibetan charms or materials, Will never turn color.

This wonderful Mother Goose charm bracelet includes:

* 5 Vintage images c.1920 of Mother Goose, Old King Cole, the Old Woman in the Shoe, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Patty-Cake. These images are 3/4" long and set into a beaded Victorian frame that is exclusive to my line of jewelry.
* 15 Charms of Wishing well (Jack and Jill), Cow jumped over the moon, Itsy bitsy spider, Little tea pot, Piped Piper, Mother Goose, Little Bo Peep, Tortoise and Hare, Cat and the Fiddle, Pipe (Old King Cole), Frog Prince, Twinkle Little Star, Ba Ba Black Sheet, Pie (Simple Simon met a Pieman), Children (Old woman in the shoe), (Grandfather clock)Mouse ran up the clock.
* 12 Swaroski crystals in Twilight Red and Jonquil Yellow.
* 5 Swarvoski elements in Jonquil Yellow.
* 2 Hand stamped charms, Mother Goose, Nursery Rhymes.
* Your charm bracelet chain is a beautiful, durable, diamond cut 316L stainless steel, the highest jewelry quality, and is adjustable from 7" to 8-1/2". I custom size at no additional cost. Your bracelet comes with a stainless steel lobster claw adjustable clasp, however, I do offer a toggle clasp.
* As always, I test each design for wear ability and comfort.
* Gift boxed and wrapped
* Pictures can be deceptive but this light weight charm bracelet weighs less than 3 ounces